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Israel Committee Gives Approval to Marijuana Decriminalization Measure

Wed, 02/21/2018 - 01:47
Israel’s Ministerial Committee for Legislation has approved a proposal that would decriminalize the possession and use of marijuana.

The measure, put forth by Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud), would make the possession of marijuana for personal use a maximum fine of 1,000 shekels ($282) for someone’s first offense. For a second offense, the fine would be doubled. For a third offense, individuals would be put on a mandatory probation period. A fourth offense would remain punishable by potential jail time. Consuming marijuana in public – as well as distributing the plant – would remain a crime for someone’s first offense.

“When we started our struggle, people disrespected us, but the Ministerial Committee’s decision today is proof that a real, persistent struggle succeeds in the end”, says MK Tamar Zandberg (Meretz), who heads the Knesset Committee on Drug and Alcohol abuse and supports legalization. “This bill is far from being perfect, but it is a foot in the door on the way to full legalization.”

The legislation must now go through Israel’s full Knesset (parliament) before it can become law.

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Top 7 Useful Tips for Vaping Beginners

Wed, 02/21/2018 - 01:16
Here’s a useful list of the top 7 useful tips for vaping beginners

By Barbara M.

Vaporizers are one of the fastest growing entities in the world today. Popularity is accumulating swiftly, and the green rush has certainly contributed. By introducing a new, modern and healthier means of enjoying your Cannabis, vaporizers were bound to succeed. From the Volcano all those years ago to the newest high tech models like the Pax 3, vaporizers continue to blow us away. While I could spend all day telling you how brilliant vapes are, I will instead guide you from vaping newbie to expert.


Don’t Rush into Purchasing – Read Reviews

First off, you must decide on what vaporizer you plan to purchase. While the selection is continually growing, there are predominantly two kinds of vape available, Portable & Desktop. Desktop vapes are mains powered bulkier units which are known for their high quality vapor whereas portable vapes are usually battery powered devices designed for easy transportability and discretion. It is highly recommended to read reviews to make the decision process that little bit easier. Each vape has its pros and cons so weigh them up and make the call, you won’t be long forgetting the bongs or blunts and the smoke that accompanies them. After much deliberation, I found the Crafty to be my favorite portable vape while I found the Plenty to be top desktop.


Always sterilize your Unit before Use

It is extremely important when you purchase your vaporizer, that you sterilize it before you use it. While this may sound daunting, it isn’t. Simply turn your unit on to the highest heating setting and allow it a few minutes to do its thing. During manufacture, oils and residues can be left behind. By sterilizing your unit before use you allow the unit to evaporate these toxins away, ensuring only the cleanest, tastiest vapor reaches your mouth. The flavors produced are one of the biggest benefits to vaping, don’t jeopardise them by ignoring this simple step.


Ensure you Grind your Green Sufficiently

Each Vaporizer works to its best under different circumstances. One of these circumstances is how finely you grind your green. While some portable vaporizers appreciate a bulkier grind, others require a fine sand like texture for optimum vapor production. Grab yourself a good quality grinder and work according to what your vaporizer requires. As we all know, Marijuana can come in with different characteristics, some is dry, some is damp. There is numerous reliable articles online about vaping temperatures for cannabis consistency. Have a look or have a play around and find out for yourself.


Long, Slow Draws – Best Results

While you may be used to the fast, powerful hits from your favorite bong, vaporizers are very different. To achieve the greatest results from your vaporizer try to take long, exaggerated draws. By doing this, you prevent the temperature in the chamber from dropping, allow the vapor production to be at its maximum while also preventing yourself from inhaling any break away fragments of weed through your mouthpiece. While this technique may take some practice getting used to, once you’ve mastered it you will quickly realise why it is such an important aspect of vaping.


Be Patient – Rome wasn’t Built in a Day

Like with most good things, vaping takes getting used to. Try not to revert straight back to your unhealthy smoking habits, as things will get easier. We all know the saying Rome wasn’t built in a day, the same applies to vaping. While it can be frustrating at times trying new things, vaping is certain to pay off. Some vaporizers like the Crafty, have mobile Apps for all its settings. Once you find your favorites temperature and settings it only leaves you finding your favorite chair! Since vaporizers can activate up to 20% more THC than smoking, you might get stuck there.


Take Good Care of your Vaporizer

Probably the most important tip I can give you is to take good care of your vaporizer. Like anything else, it is imperative to keep your vaporizer clean. Over time residue will begin to build up, leaving the vaporpath and unit itself tainted. While this can lead to short term problems such as poor quality flavors or vapor it is the long term issues which are the real trouble. By ignoring the upkeep or cleanliness of your vape you threaten the longevity of the device. If choosing a device like the Crafty or Plenty, you are sure to have a vape for life if you look after it. Storz & Bickel are world renowned for their high quality products, and for good reason.

While vaping may not be as straightforward as a click of a lighter or the strike of a match, the benefits are unquestionable. While you will use significantly less weed, you will be getting clearer, cleaner highs and big money savings to match. The constant introduction of new vapes to the market is ensuring that the once too expensive units are now readily affordable. Like I said earlier, the vapes I would recommend are the Crafty & Plenty, however, it is up to you to decide what vaporizer ticks the most boxes for you.

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Virginia Senate Unanimously Approves Bill to Allow Medical Use of CBD and THC-A Oil

Tue, 02/20/2018 - 06:30
A proposal to allow for the medical use of cannabidiol (CBD) oil and tetrahydrocannabinol-acid (THC-A) oil for any medical condition deemed appropriate by a practitioner has been passed unanimously by Virginia’s Senate.

House Bill 1251 was approved today 40 to 0 by Virginia’s Senate, a little over two weeks it was passed 98 to 0 by the state’s House of Representatives.

According to its official summary, the measure; “Provides that a practitioner may issue a written certification for the use of cannabidiol oil or THC-A oil for the treatment or to alleviate the symptoms of any diagnosed condition or disease determined by the practitioner to benefit from such use.” Under current law, “a practitioner may only issue such certification for the treatment or to alleviate the symptoms of intractable epilepsy.” The bill also “increases the supply of CBD oil or THC-A oil a pharmaceutical processor may dispense from a 30-day supply to a 90-day supply”, and “reduces the minimum amount of cannabidiol or tetrahydrocannabinol acid per milliliter for a dilution of the Cannabis plant to fall under the definition of CBD oil or THC-A oil, respectively.”

The full text of House Bill 1251, filed by Delegate Benjamin Cline, can be found by clicking here.

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Alaska House Unanimously Approves Bill to Legalize Hemp

Tue, 02/20/2018 - 06:09
Alaska’s House of Representatives has given approval to a bill that would legalize industrial hemp. 

Senate Bill 6 was passed today by the House of Representatives in a unanimous 36 to 0 vote. Filed by Senator Shelley Hughes, the proposal would separate hemp from the definition of marijuana, removing it entirely from the Alaska list of controlled substances. This would legalize the plant, allowing it to be grown an agricultural commodity. The measure has already unanimously passed the state’s full Senate, but needs to go back for a final concurrence vote before it can be sent to Governor Bill Walker for consideration.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with today’s vote, and I thank the House of Representatives for their strong support”, Senator Hughes said following the House’s vote. “As an agricultural crop, hemp has significant economic potential for Alaska as its uses are widespread and varied. It is also quite appropriate that this bill passed on Presidents’ Day. Many of our founding fathers, including Presidents’ George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams, grew hemp.”

Senate Bill 6 also clarified that “cannabidiol oil is not included in the definition of “hashish oil””,and clarifies that “adding industrial hemp to food does not create an adulterated food product”.

The full text of Senate Bill 6 can be found by clicking here.

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Study: CBD May Help Treat, and Cause the Death of, Endometrial Cancer

Mon, 02/19/2018 - 17:26
CBD (cannabidiol) and CBD-rich extracts may provide a potential treatment option for endometrial cancer, according to a new study published by the Journal of Physiology and Biochemistry, and published online by the U.S. National Institute of Health.

Endometrial cancer,

“Among a variety of phytocannabinoids, Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are the most promising therapeutic compounds”, begins the study’s abstract. “Besides the well-known palliative effects in cancer patients, cannabinoids have been shown to inhibit in vitro growth of tumor cells. Likewise, the major endocannabinoids (eCBs), anandamide (AEA) and 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG), induce tumor cell death.”

The purpose of the present study “was to characterize cannabinoid elements and evaluate the effect of cannabinoids in endometrial cancer cell viability.” Endometrial cancer is a variety of cancer that begins in the lining of the uterus.

After conducted a series of tests, researchers found that “these data indicate that cannabinoids modulate endometrial cancer cell death. Selective targeting of TPRV1 by AEA, CBD, or other stable analogues may be an attractive research area for the treatment of estrogen-dependent endometrial carcinoma.”

They conclude by stating that; “Our data further support the evaluation of CBD and CBD-rich extracts for the potential treatment of endometrial cancer, particularly, that has become non-responsive to common therapies.”

The full study, conducted by researchers at the Universidade do Porto in Portugal, can be found by clicking here.

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Legal Marijuana Sales Delayed in Canada

Fri, 02/16/2018 - 18:36
Despite Canada’s longstanding plan to begin legal marijuana sales in July, a Canadian official has conceded that they won’t actually begin until August, maybe a little later.

As recently as last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government was insistent that it was still on track to begin legalization in July, which has been the plan for quite a while now. However,  Health Minister Ginette Petitpas said Thursday that this simply won’t happen, and sales aren’t going to begin in July. Instead, sales are likely to begin in August, or potentially shortly thereafter. The change in time-frame is based on the Senate’s updated timetable for considering the issue, which has already been passed by the House of Commons.

Petitpas Taylor says that provincial and territorial governments need eight to 12 weeks following senate passage and royal assent (final approval) to prepare for legal marijuana sales. This means that there won’t be enough time to begin sales in July. However, it looks as if September should be the latest that sales start, unless things are pushed back once again.

Once Canada’s legalization law takes effect, Canada will become just the second nation to allow recreational marijuana sales following Uruguay.

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Netflix Cancels Disjointed, Exemplifying that People Are Over Stoner Stereotypes

Fri, 02/16/2018 - 03:22
The marijuana-focused Netflix series Disjointed has been cancelled, and it has only itself to blame.

Disjointed had everything going for it. It’s a marijuana-themed show in an era where marijuana is legal for medical or recreational purposes in dozens of states, and its usage is quickly losing its stigma and becoming more and more mainstream. It had Netflix as a platform, which allows for more creative freedom than most cable networks. It was created by Chuck Lorre, who also created The Big Bang Theory (which has been one of the most popular shows for years), and David Javerbaum, a former head writer for the Daily Show. To top it all off, the show was able to cast Kathy Bates in the lead role as an LA-based dispensary owner; Bates has won two Emmy Awards, and has been nominated over a dozen times dating back to 1996.

Despite having all this going for it, the show failed to make it past season 1. Netflix recently announced that the show has been cancelled after a 20-episode initial run (10 episodes released in August, followed by 10 more in January). Given Netflix doesn’t release viewer counts for their shows, there’s no way of  knowing if it was cancelled more for a lack of viewers, or for its poor critical reception (it has a score of 43 on Metacritic and 23% on Rotten Tomatoes). What is clear, is that there simply wasn’t a large enough appetite for the type of comedy that Disjointed offered, which too often relied on the “dumb stoner stereotype”.

Disjointed could have taken a more intellectual approach to the show’s subject matter (and being focused on a dispensary gave them the perfect setup), but instead they harkened back to the days of Cheech & Chong. Though this may have worked a decade or two ago, people are looking for a more nuanced approach to marijuana use. Most cannabis consumers simply don’t find this type of comedy funny (and some find it offensive or simply ignorant), and those who don’t consume cannabis are either bored by it (it’s oh-so been-there done-that), or understand that playing into a decades-long and incredibly unhelpful stereotypes doesn’t make for good television .

This isn’t to say that Disjointed was necessarily an awful show, and that it didn’t have its funny or clever moments, it just had far too few of them, and didn’t do enough to offer a new or modern brand of cannabis comedy. As such, it failed to retain its presence in popular culture. Hopefully future shows that have a cannabis theme will learn from their mistakes.

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Pensylvania Medical Marijuana Sales Now Underway

Fri, 02/16/2018 - 00:09
The legal distribution of medical marijuana began today in Pennsylvania, with six dispensaries opened throughout the state (and 81 planned to open in the coming months).

The new law, which officially took effect today, allows certified patients to obtain their medicine legally for the first time. Six out of the 10 dispensaries that have been approved to operate have opened their doors, and up to 81 more dispensaries are expected to open across the state over the next few months. Nearly 4,000 patients are certified to purchase medical marijuana products at these locations, and more than 13,000 are awaiting approval to participate in the program. This stage of the implementation process is taking place ahead of schedule, less than two years after Gov. Tom Wolf signed Act 16 into law.

“Seriously ill Pennsylvanians will be able to get relief earlier than expected thanks to the diligent efforts of regulators and operators,” said Becky Dansky, legislative counsel for the Marijuana Policy Project who helped lead the medical marijuana effort in the state legislature. “There is still a lot of work to be done before implementation is complete. We are hopeful that the medical marijuana program will continue to be refined and improved to ensure patients have safe, reliable, and affordable access to their medicine.”

The Medical Marijuana Advisory Board is still in the process of making recommendations for changes to the program. The Board met this week to discuss allowing patients to access medical marijuana flowers at dispensaries as a way to increase treatment options and lower costs for patients.

Pennsylvania was the 24th state to pass and implement an effective medical marijuana law. There are 29 states with effective medical marijuana laws and more than a dozen states are expected to have medical marijuana bills introduced this year.

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Vermont Senate Approves Bill to Legalize Marijuana, Already Passed House, Governor Expected to Sign

Wed, 01/10/2018 - 21:32
Legislation that would legalize marijuana for those 21 and older has been approved by Vermont’s full Senate.

H. 511 has already been approved by the state’s House of Representatives, meaning it will soon be sent to Governor Phil Scott, who’s expected to quickly sign the measure into law. If he does, the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana, and the personal cultivation of up to two mature (or four immature) plants would be legal for those 21 and older. H. 511 would make Vermont the ninth state to legalize marijuana, and the first to do so through the legislature (all other states have legalized through the initiative process).

“This is a big step forward for Vermont,” says Matt Simon, New England political director for the Marijuana Policy Project. “Vermonters should be proud that their state is becoming the first to do this legislatively, rather than by ballot initiative.”

57% of Vermont voters support legalizing marijuana, with just 39% opposed, according to a statewide survey conducted in March by Public Policy Polling.

“This will be an important milestone for the legalization movement”, says Matthew Schweich, interim executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project. “When Gov. Scott signs this legislation, Vermont will become the first state in the country to end marijuana prohibition through legislative action.” Schweich says that; “Now that yet another state has rejected marijuana prohibition, there is even more pressure for Congress to take action to prevent any federal interference from Attorney General Jeff Sessions. It’s time for the federal government to respect the authority of states to determine their own marijuana policies.”

Vermont isn’t the only state currently attempting to legalize through the legislative process, as just yesterday New Hampshire’s House of Representatives approved a similar measure.

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Kentucky Approves Over 12,000 Acres of Hemp for 2018

Wed, 01/10/2018 - 09:43
Kentucky officials have approved the cultivation of over 12,000 acres of hemp for 2018.

In total the Kentucky Department of Agriculture approved 12,018 acres of industrial hemp for the year. The hemp will be used for research purposes.

The over 12,000 acres will be grown by 225 approved farmers. The number is up from the 209 farmers approved last year.

Of the 225 farmers, 185 stated that their focus will be research on floral material. 103 said their primary focus will be grain or seed research, and 66 said fiber research.

The 12,018 approved acres is far more than roughly 3,200 acres of hemp grown in 2017.

According to congressional research, the U.S. imports half a billion dollars in hemp each year from other countries despite the plant being illegal for farmers in the nation to grow themselves. The same research estimates the hemp market to consist of over 25,000 various products.

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Hemp Processing Plant Receives State Funding in New York, First in U.S. to Receive Government Assistance

Wed, 01/10/2018 - 09:29
New York is funding a $3.2 million hemp processing plant, starting with a $650,000 initial investment.

The facility is the first such venue in the U.S. to receive government assistance. According to WIVT, a local TV station in Binghamton where the plant will be located, the state is giving an initial investment of $650,000. The funding is coming as part of an initiative by Governor Andrew Cuomo to start a hemp processing plant in the Southern Tier.

“The emerging industrial hemp industry has the power to transform the agricultural economy,” Governor Cuomo said following the announcement of the investment.

“[I]t’s a very important development that we are promoting”, says,Assemblymember Donna Lupardo.

The $650,000 is the first of New York’s $5 million fund designated to boost the industrial hemp industry.

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New Hampshire Lawmakers Approve Bill to Legalize Marijuana

Tue, 01/09/2018 - 17:12
The New Hampshire House of Representatives has approved a bill to make marijuana legal for adults.

House Bill 656, introduced last session by Represenative Glen Aldrich (R-Gilford), would make possession of three-quarters of an ounce of marijuana legal for those aged 21 and older. Home cultivation of up to three mature and three immature plants would also be legalized. It passed the House today with a vote of 207 to 139.

“The House deserves tremendous credit for taking this reasonable step forward”, says Matt Simon, the New England political director for the Marijuana Policy Project. “Most Granite Staters understand that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol, and they’re ready to see it treated that way. Allowing adults 21 and older to grow a few plants without penalty will give them a much-needed alternative to buying from illicit dealers.”

Last year, the New Hampshire Legislature voted overwhelmingly to replace criminal penalties for simple marijuana possession with civil penalties. Governor Chris Sununu (R) signed the bill into law.

Eight states have enacted laws legalizing and regulating marijuana for adult use, including Massachusetts and Maine, all through ballot initiatives. The Vermont House approved a measure that would make marijuana possession and limited home cultivation legal for adultson Thursday, and it is expected to pass in the Senate tomorrow. A poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center in April and May of 2017 found that 68% of Granite Staters support legalizing marijuana.

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Lawmaker Renews Push to Make California a Sanctuary State for Marijuana

Tue, 01/09/2018 - 03:51
Assemblymemver Reggie Jones-Sawyer (D-Los Angeles) is renewing his effort to get legislation passed into law that would make California a sanctuary state for marijuana.

The renewed effort comes after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that he’s rescinding the Obama-era Cole Memo which gave some protection to state-authorized cannabis outlets. Assemblymember Jones-Sawyer’s proposal, Assembly Bill 1578, was approved by the state’s Assembly in June by a vote of 41 to 33. Later that month it was approved by a Senate committee 5 to 2, but has since stalled.

“The impacts of this ill-conceived and poorly executed war are still being felt by communities of color across the state,” Assemblymember Jones-Sawyer said in a statement. “The last time California supported the federal government’s efforts, families were torn apart and critical state resources were used to incarcerate more black and brown people than ever before in the history of our state.”

If passed into law, Assembly Bill 1578 would prohibit state and local agencies from using “money, facilities, property, equipment, or personnel to assist a federal agency to investigate, detain, detect, report, or arrest a person for commercial or noncommercial marijuana or medical cannabis activity that is authorized by law in the State of California”, unless there is a court order signed by a judge. It would also prevent them from responding to a request “made by a federal agency for personal information about an individual who is authorized to possess, cultivate, transport, manufacture, sell, or possess for sale marijuana or marijuana products or medical cannabis or medical cannabis products, if that request is made for the purpose of investigating or enforcing federal marijuana law.”

In addition, State and local agencies would  not be allowed to “Provide information about a person who has applied for or received a license to engage in commercial marijuana or commercial medical cannabis activity pursuant to MCRSA or AUMA”, or “Transfer an individual to federal law enforcement authorities for purposes of marijuana enforcement or detain an individual at the request of federal law enforcement for conduct that is legal under state law.”

The full text of Assembly Bill 1578 can be found by clicking here.

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New Pew Research Center Poll Finds 61% of American Voters Support Legalizing Marijuana

Sat, 01/06/2018 - 06:39
According to a new Pew Research Center (PRC) survey, more than six in 10 American voters support legalizing marijuana.

The survey, conducted in October and released today, finds that support for legalization has risen 4% from last year (57%), and has nearly doubled since 2000 (31%).

“As in the past, there are wide generational and partisan differences in views of marijuana legalization”, says Abigail Geiger from PRC . “Majorities of Millennials (70%), Gen Xers (66%) and Baby Boomers (56%) say the use of marijuana should be legal. Only among the Silent Generation does a greater share oppose (58%) than favor (35%) marijuana legalization.”

According to the poll, nearly seven in 10 Democrats say marijuana use should be legal, as do 65% of independents. By contrast, 43% of Republicans favor marijuana legalization, while 55% are opposed. Among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, those younger than 40 favor legalizing marijuana use, 62% to 38%. Republicans ages 40 to 64 are divided (48% say it should be legal, 49% illegal), while those 65 and older oppose marijuana legalization by more than two-to-one (67% to 30%).

Sizable majorities of Democrats and Democratic leaners younger than 40 (79%) and 40 to 64 (70%) favor marijuana legalization. Older Democrats – those 65 and older – are more divided (50% favor legalization, 42% oppose it).

The poll comes just a day after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that he’s rescinding the Obama-era Cole Memo which directs federal law enforcement to respect states’ marijuana legalization laws.

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Oklahoma: Initiative to Legalize Medical Cannabis Placed on June 26 Ballot

Fri, 01/05/2018 - 10:25
An initiative that would legalize medical cannabis throughout Oklahoma has been officially placed on the June 26 primary election ballot.

“I have set the date for voters to decide the medical marijuana issue to be the June 26 primary election”, Governor Mary Fallin announced today. Governor Fallin had the option of putting the measure – State Question 788 – to a vote of the people in June, or in November during the general election. The governor was given this choice following a successful signature gathering campaign which forced the state to put the medical cannabis legalization measure to a vote of the people.

The proposed law would allow patients to possess up to three ounces of cannabis (eight in a private residence) and up to 72 ounces of cannabis edibles. They would also be allowed to grow up to six mature cannabis plants, in addition to six seedlings. The measure states that “A regulatory office shall be established under the Oklahoma State Department of Health which will receive applications for medical license recipients, dispensaries, growers, and packagers within sixty (60) days of the passage of this initiative.” Cannabis would be taxed at 7%.

In 2016 Governor Fallin signed a far more limited cannabis-related measure into law, House Bill 2835 , allowing those with certain medical conditions who receive a recommendation from a physician to possess and use cannabis oil, given it has no more than 0.3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

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5 Differences Between THC and CBD

Fri, 01/05/2018 - 04:58

By Robert Bergman,

What are the differences between THC and CBD? Here’s a look.

When you first start smoking weed, you hear the acronyms THC and CBD a lot. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are the two main active cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. There are over one hundre other cannbinoids such as THC-V, THC-A,  and CBN, but if you’re first starting out you should primarily concern yourself with the first two, at least for now. Cannabinoids are these neat little compounds that interact with the endocannabinoids that naturally occur in your body. Though they are both cannabinoids, there are quite a few differences between THC and CBD. For instance…

CBD is Non Psychoactive

This is one of the biggest differences between THC and CBD. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid; it’s the one that gets you baked. You know that heavy and relaxing feeling that you get after smoking some OG Kush? That can be attributed to THC. CBD on the other hand, is considered to be non psychoactive. This doesn’t mean that you feel nothing after using a high CBD strain or oil, quite the contrary. You won’t experience a noticeable change in your mood, but your body will feel uplifted and just all around. If you were feeling like you’re coming down with a cold prior to smoking, CBD will make you feel better almost instantly. Hence one of the reasons why CBD strains are more popular among medical cannabis users

CBD has Antipsychotic Properties

Sometimes when you smoke a high THC strain you might feel a little off. You might feel a little paranoid, you might have trouble concentrating, maybe your brain feels a little too slowed down, or maybe you feel dizzy. Regardless the effect, it seems that you got too high. The nice thing about CBD is that it can counteract some of those negative effects, and in some cases erase them entirely. High CBD strains are an excellent choice for first timers or those who haven’t figured out what their limits are.

CBD was Discovered First

A lot of people are inclined to believe that THC and CBD were discovered at the same time, or that THC was discovered first  This is another of the biggest differences between THC and CBD. CBD was discovered by American scientist  Roger Adams, a chemist at the University of Illinois, some 20 years before.  THC was actually discovered later by Israeli scientist and college professor Raphael Mechoulam back in the sixties. Mechoulam, better known as the father of cannabinoid research, is quite the extraordinary man.  You can read an interesting interview with Dr. Mechoulam here. Amazing as he is, he is often mistakenly credited with discovering both.

CBD Doesn’t Cause Anxiety

While some strains of high THC cannabis seem to cause endless anxiety in some, CBD does not cause any anxiety. Strains with low amounts of THC and high amounts of CBD are often used to treat anxiety, and I can tell you from experience that they are  extremely good at it. The next time you are feeling some anxiety, try reaching for a CBD strain like  ACDC rather than your usual THC strain. You will notice the difference and you’ll feel a lot better.

CBD Energizes You More

This is one of the differences between THC and CBD that a lot of people don’t know about. After consuming certain strains of THC, you’ve probably felt a little tired. This is because of the psychoactive effects of THC. This is why it is commonly used as a sleep aid. That’s great when you’re looking to go to sleep, but if you’re looking for a strain to pep you up and get you ready for the day, then you should try a CBD strain instead. You will notice that you feel more energized, with none of the fogginess that comes with using some other strains. Here’s another little secret: they’re great for hangovers. They say the best cure for a hangover is time, well add a little CBD to that and you are golden.

So as you can see, CBD has a lot of uses, and is in fact, quite helpful. CBD is what helps to heal the body, hence why it’s so popular among medical users. Try some today and it will change your life, I promise.

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The 10 Most Popular Marijuana Strains to Start 2018

Fri, 01/05/2018 - 03:51
As we march into 2018, here’s a look at the most popular marijuana strains on the  market.

In the U.S. marijuana is now legal in eight states for recreational use, and dozens for medical purposes. Using data collected by Leafly, below is a list of the top 10 most popular marijuana strains for the start of 2018.

Anyone who has consumed cannabis for any amount of time will likely find Blue Dream’s placement on this list unsurprising (especially those in states with legal marijuana stores). This sativa-dominant strain has remained one of the most popular for years, and is a mainstay in almost all marijuana stores and dispensaries. The popularity of this strain – a cross between the indica-dominant Blueberry strain and the sativa-dominant Haze strain – is well earned, with it’s smooth, uplifting high, and it’s delicious blueberry-tinged taste and smell.

Sour Diesel is another long-term mainstay of the cannabis world. With Super Skunk and Chemdawg lineage, this strain is best known for its strong diesel-like smell, and potent, energetic high.

This hybrid – a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison – has bursted onto the scene in recent years. With it’s excellent taste and smell, and its powerful high, this relative newcomer has quickly become more popular than legendary strains like OG Kush and White Widow.

Despite an unfortunate name Green Crack is a growingly popular and respected strain. It has an extremely energetic high and powerful body buzz, and its sweet, ofttimes citrusy flavor and smell make it stand out from the crowd.

OG Kush is known the world around. The classic combo of Hindu Kush and Chemdawg has an earthy and piney flavor, and has one of the most sought after marijuana strains for years.

As far as indica-dominant strains go, Granddaddy Purple is one of the most vaunted. An excellent mix of Big Bud and Purple Urkle, this strain has a sweet, often berry-like flavor. Most people know this strain for its dense, kiefy nuggets.

Jack Herer – named after the legendary activist and author – is a sativa-dominant cross between Northern Lights and Shiva Skunk. It has a piney smell and flavor with a backdrop of citrus, and a smooth, even high.

White Widow’s popularity is due to its energetic, uplifting and powerful high; its uniquely earthy flavor and smell also help it stand out. This strain is a mix between South American Sativa and South Indian Indica.

Gorilla Glue #4 has shot into prominence over the past few years. It won the 2014 Los Angeles and Michigan Cannabis Cups, as well as the High Times Jamaican Cannabis World Cup. Given its status as a balanced and tasty hybrid, it’s likely to remain popular for years to come.

Bubba Kush is a powerful indica-dominant strain that has remained popular for years, and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

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Vermont Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Legalization Bill

Fri, 01/05/2018 - 00:07
Legislation to legalize marijuana in Vermont has been approved by the state’s House of Representatives.

A bill already approved by the Vermont Senate that would make marijuana legal for adults was passed today by the Vermont House of Representatives with some minor amendments. It will now go to the Senate for a final concurrence vote before being transmitted to Governor Phil Scott. In December, Governor Scott indicated that he intends to sign H. 511 into law.

If H. 511 is signed into law, it would eliminate Vermont’s civil penalty for possessing one ounce or less of marijuana and remove penalties for possession of up to two mature marijuana plants and up to four immature plants, beginning in July. Meanwhile, a governor-appointed task force will issue a final report on how the state should tax and regulate marijuana sales and commercial cultivation by December 15, 2018.

“Vermont is poised to make history by becoming the first state to legalize marijuana cultivation and possession legislatively, rather than by ballot initiative. We applaud lawmakers for heeding the calls of their constituents and taking this important step toward treating marijuana more like alcohol,” said Matt Simon, New England political director for the Marijuana Policy Project.

Fifty-seven percent of Vermont voters support allowing adults 21 and older to possess and grow limited amounts of marijuana, according to a statewide survey of 755 registered voters conducted in March by Public Policy Polling. Only 39% are opposed. Nationwide support is similarly strong. An October 2017 Gallup poll found 64% of Americans support making marijuana legal.

When the bill is signed, Vermont will become the ninth state to make marijuana legal for adults, and the first to do so through its legislature (all others were passed through a citizen’s initiative.

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions Rescinds Memo Protecting State Marijuana Laws

Thu, 01/04/2018 - 19:40
Attorney General Jeff Sessions plans to rescind an Obama-era memo (the Cole Memo) which directed federal law enforcement to respect states’ marijuana legalization laws.

“This is going to create chaos in the dozens of states whose voters have chosen to regulate medical and adult use marijuana rather than leaving it in the hands of criminals,” said Major Neill Franklin (Ret.), executive director of the Law Enforcement Action Partnership. “The administration’s decision to override voter will and the rights of states protected under the Tenth Amendment is going to throw the criminal justice system off balance, affecting not only those working tirelessly to bring the marijuana trade into the sunlight, but also thousands of state officials just trying to do their jobs.”

Major Franklin continues; “If enforcement of laws are subject to the whims of individual prosecutors, no one will have any idea what is legal or what isn’t – because it could change from day to day. There’s no greater headache for an officer of the law than not to know where those lines stand, which is exactly why the Cole Memo was put into place.”

Brian Vicente, co-author of the Colorado legalization initiative, Amendment 64, states that’ “Since August 2013, the ‘Cole Memo’ has served as guidance to prosecutors regarding prioritization and prosecutorial discretion with respect to federal marijuana law enforcement. It was not a law or binding policy and, as it explicitly stated, it never altered the Justice Department’s authority to enforce federal marijuana laws. The rescinding of the Cole Memo does not indicate any specific changes in enforcement policy, and it remains to be seen whether it will have any significant impact on the Department’s actions. U.S. attorneys had vast prosecutorial discretion before and they will continue to have the same level of discretion.”

Vincente says that; “We hope federal prosecutors will share the position that President Trump expressed during his campaign, when he stated that marijuana policy should ‘absolutely’ be left to the states. We also strongly encourage them to take into account the strong public support for letting states develop their own marijuana laws. Polls show nearly two-thirds of American voters — including a majority of Republicans — think marijuana should be legal for adult use. Even more have expressed opposition to the federal government interfering in state’s marijuana policy decisions.

“The regulated marijuana market is steadily replacing the criminal market while also creating tens of thousands of jobs and pumping hundreds of millions of dollars of tax revenue into state economies. It would be incredibly counterproductive for the federal government to roll back this progress and hand the marijuana industry back over to cartels and criminals. States like Colorado and Washington have demonstrated that regulating marijuana works. Officials in these states are doing more than ever before to control marijuana, and it would behoove federal authorities to work with them and not against them.”

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Canada Marijuana Stock Index Rises 126% in One Month, Over 1,100% in Less than Two Years

Thu, 01/04/2018 - 03:25
As Canada inches closer to legalization, the nation’s Marijuana Index continues to rise at a rapid pace.

The Canadian Marijuana Stock Index has risen drastically over the past 30 days, going from 419.11 on December 4th, to 950.26 at the close of today’s market (January 3rd). This represents an 126% increase in just one month, one of the largest single-month increases ever seen for the Canadian marijuana stock market. A stat that’s equally impressive, however, is that the market has jumped roughly 365% in less than six months, going from 204.40 on July 10th, 2017, to 950.26 today. A little over a year prior, on March 28, 2016, the Canadian Marijuana Stock Index was at just 74.85; today’s index represents an over 1,100% increase.

The Canadian Marijuana Index “tracks the leading cannabis stocks operating in Canada”. Constituents must “have a business strategy focused on the marijuana or hemp industry”, and are also “required to meet our minimum trading criteria. The Index is “equal-weighted and rebalanced quarterly”.

The U.S. Marijuana Index has also seen a steady uptick in recent days, rising from 61.57 on December 6th, to 105.69 at the close of  today’s market; a 71.6% increase.

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