United States: Gatewood Galbraith - Every Generation Must Re-Win Its Own Freedom

Now's the Time....Whether you support the Teapot Party, Tea Party or any other party, this candidate appeals to a wide variety of voters and is sure to stir up some governmental changes in Kentucky and across the United States.

By Michael Bachara, Hemp News Correspondent

Washington: Seattle Hempfest 2010: Gatewood Galbraith - Every Generation Must Re-Win It's Own Freedom Gatewood Galbraith is currently campaigning for Kentucky's 2011 gubernatorial race as an Independent, free from any party affiliations, and describes himself as free from hidden agenda. Galbraith is focusing his campaign on young voters by proposing a freeze on college tuition expenditures, a $5,000 educational voucher to high school graduates for college or technical school, and legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes, which he estimates could save the state $500 million to $1 billion in medical costs each year. His pledge is to end the “synthetic subversion” in his state.

2010: A Year to Remember; Ten Stories on Hemp and Cannabis Reform

"There is absolutely nothing wrong with the responsible use of marijuana by adults and it should be of no interest or concern to the government. They have no business knowing whether we smoke or why we smoke." Keith Stroup, NORMLCON 2010

Compiled by Hemp News

1. Global: U.S.-Mexico Drug Summit Fails to Acknowledge Obvious Solution to Violent Drug Cartels

Ending Marijuana Prohibition Would Deal Crucial Blow to Mexican Drug Cartels, Drastically Reduce Border Violence.

There is a truth that must be heard! (WASHINGTON, D.C.) - Today, high-ranking officials from the United States and Mexico concluded a three-day conference meant to outline ways the two nations could reduce the illicit drug trade-associated violence that continues to plague the U.S.-Mexican border.

Oregon: Medical Cannabis Awards Kindle Community Determination

Talk of renewed unity within the cannabis legalization movement ignites a sense of family within the community

By Michael Bachara, Hemp News Correspondent/Oregon NORML Member

Oregon: Medical Cannabis Awards Kindle Community Determination The 9th Annual Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards, sponsored by Oregon NORML, included a public Holiday Bazaar featuring unique items from a dozen vendors and held educational programs at the World Famous Cannabis Café located 322 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97216. The Cannabis Cafe is a private club that serves Oregon Medical Marijuana Program registrants, and is not usually open to the public.

United States: Sunil Aggarwal, PhD – Removal of Cannabis from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act

The Pharmaceuticalization of Cannabis: Rescheduling proponents suggest cannabis doesn't meet the Controlled Substances Act's extensive criteria for placement in Schedule I. The U.S. Government clings to the stance that cannabis merit’s Schedule I status.

By Michael Bachara, Hemp News Correspondent

United States: Sunil Aggarwal – The Pharmaceuticalization of Cannabis Sunil Aggarwal, PhD, represents a new generation of scientific-minded doctors, leaving cannabis’ negative propaganda behind and fighting for it as a valuable, medicinal plant. His credentials include the Medical and Scientific Advisory Board of Americans for Safe Access (ASA), Health Professionals for Responsible Drug Scheduling, service on the Board of Directors for the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine and he is a Seattle Hempfest Core Staff Member.

Washington: Seattle Hempfest 2010: Rick Steves - Cannabis Is a Civil Liberty

“A society has to make a choice: tolerate alternative lifestyles or build more prisons.” Rick Steves

By Michael Bachara, Hemp News Correspondent

Washington: Seattle Hempfest 2010: Rick Steves - Cannabis Is a Civil Liberty In August, travel writer and activist extraordinaire, Rick Steves, spoke to the Seattle Hempfest Hemposium about the futile attempt to enforce a failed prohibition, Europe's successful and pragmatic harm reduction approach to marijuana and the basic non-apologetic stance of cannabis use as a civil liberty. “I believe, very strongly, that it is the responsible, adult, recreational, no apologies necessary, ‘it just makes my music more fun,’ recreational use of marijuana is a civil liberty," Steves explained.

Oregon: Annual Medical Cannabis Awards Held This Weekend

By Anna Diaz, Hemp News Correspondent

Oregon: Annual Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards Held This Weekend Portland, OR - Unique holiday shopping is just one reason to attend the ninth annual Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards (OMCA). The day event is free and open to the public from 10:00am to 5:00pm and features a unique green shopping bazaar and educational programs to be held at the World Famous Cannabis Cafe, 322 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97216.

The Cannabis Cafe is a private club that serves Oregon Medical Marijuana Program registrants, and is not usually open to the public. The OMCA provides a special opportunity for the curious to get a peek inside as well as the chance to shop for a wide variety of hemp and cannabis friendly products in one place. From hemp based soaps and clothing to handmade jewelry and mosaic art, the Holiday Bazaar at the OMCA is one of Portland's best kept secrets.

United States: Hemp Homes are Cutting Edge of Green Building

By USA Today Staff

There is a truth that must be heard! Hemp is turning a new leaf. The plant fiber, used to make the sails that took Christopher Columbus' ships to the New World, is now a building material.

In Asheville, N.C., a home built with thick hemp walls was completed this summer and two more are in the works.

Dozens of hemp homes have been built in Europe in the past two decades, but they're new to the United States, says David Madera, co-founder of Hemp Technologies, a company that supplied the mixture of ground-up hemp stalks, lime and water.

The industrial hemp is imported because it cannot be grown legally in this country — it comes from the same plant as marijuana.

Its new use reflects an increasing effort to make U.S. homes not only energy-efficient but also healthier. Madera and other proponents say hemp-filled walls are non-toxic, mildew-resistant, pest-free and flame-resistant.

"There is a growing interest in less toxic building materials, says Peter Ashley, director of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control.

"The potential health benefits are significant," he says, citing a recent study of a Seattle public housing complex that saw residents' health improve after their homes got a green makeover.

Iowa: Medical Marijuana Issue Going to Legislature

By Cindy Hadish, KCRG Reporter

Iowa: Medical Marijuana Issue Going to Legislature CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - The Iowa Board of Pharmacy has taken its final step regarding medical marijuana.

Board members on Wednesday, Nov. 24, drew up a bill for the Iowa Legislature to consider in January that would reclassify marijuana as a schedule II drug.

Marijuana is currently considered a schedule I drug in Iowa. Changing the classification would open its use for medicinal purposes like other prescription drugs, but not without further action, said Executive Director Lloyd Jessen.

First, the board’s action is only a recommendation to the Legislature, he said.

“They can react to it or ignore it,” Jessen said. “It doesn’t make it available for use at all, but it (would) change the classification.”

Legislators would also need to set up a “compassionate use” program, as 16 other states have done, to allow its use for medicinal purposes, he said.

Federal law prohibits its use, but the current administration is not enforcing that law in states that have medical marijuana programs.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Drug Enforcement Administration could also make changes that would allow the use of medical marijuana, Jessen said.

Members of Iowans for Medical Marijuana attended the board’s meeting in Des Moines.

Jessen said legislators could still ask the board to administer a medical marijuana program.

Israel: A Career In Cannabis

By Larry Derfner, Jewish Journal

There is a truth that must be heard! In nearly 50 years of researching the legendary powers of cannabis, Raphael Mechoulam, an 80-year-old chemistry professor at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University, says he’s only sampled the stuff himself once. That was in 1964 at his home in Tel Aviv.

"My wife baked a cake and my research partner and I spread THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the oily, active ingredient in cannabis) on the top. We used 10 mg of THC on each slice – too much, I think – and we and a group of friends and colleagues started eating," says Mechoulam in his office in HU’s pharmacology labs.

"I felt a little high, but nothing more. My wife said she didn’t feel anything at all. One man said he didn’t feel anything, but started having laughing fits for the next hour. One woman had a bad trip – she was a very reserved person and suddenly she felt exposed in front of everyone. One man said he didn’t feel anything, but then didn’t stop talking for three hours, which I suppose was to be expected since he was a member of Knesset."

Tennessee: Scientist's Fight for Medical Marijuana

By Amy Chillag, CNN Segment Producer
Filed under: CNN Newsroom, Tony Harris

Scientist's Fight for Medical Marijuana Bernie Ellis is a public health scientist who grew marijuana on his farm in Tennessee to help dull the pain from Fibromyalgia and degenerative disorder in his hip and spine.

That's until the federal government raided the farm– and sent him to jail. Now he's fighting back to get medical marijuana legalized in his home state. Tony Harris has this story.


United States: Unlikely Advocate: This is Rick Steves on Drugs

By Sarah Mirk, Blogtown

Unlikely Advocate: This is Rick Steves on Drugs As I reported last week, a national marijuana conference filled the luxury Governor Hotel with the sweet stench of pot smoke, including a kick-off speech from Representative Earl Blumenauer and a talk by none other than public television travel host Rick Steves! Who knew Rick Steves was a major advocate of drug law reform?

I sat down with Rick Steves last Friday to talk pot. Here's our quick Q&A on why changing marijuana laws is good for parents, good for Christians and good for society.

I bet people are surprised to find out you're a marijuana advocate.

In some people's minds, they have like whiplash. They say, "I didn't know you were involved in that." And I think that's funny because my persona, everything about me, is consistent. I think enjoying marijuana is perfectly consistent with being a good parent, a good citizen, a Christian or a person of faith, a creative individual who wants to embrace life and challenge themselves with creative adventures. All that's right in keeping with the someone who wants to enjoy a little marijuana.

I heard you were chosen the 2008 Lutheran of the Year. What does the church think about your marijuana advocacy?

Seattle Hempfest 2010: Gatewood Galbraith - Tribute to Jack Herer

Tribute to Jack Herer

By Gatewood Galbraith

Seattle Hempfest 2010: Gatewood Galbraith - Tribute to Jack Herer Jack Herer is a social and philosophical tsunami, the ripples from whose splash will forever grace the shores of human consciousness in every freedom loving nation.

He is a grand champion of “We the People” and a natural cycle in our battle with the synthetic subversion which threatens the very concepts of the sovereignty of each human individual.

Jack's tireless efforts to eliminate the facts about cannabis have furnished freedom fighters everywhere with the tools of knowledge with which to resist the fascism of the corporate state as it seeks to subject everyone to its economic bottom line.

Jack recognized that cannabis is a gateway to existentialism, which enlightens our existence and is the basis of our freedom of choice. He also recognized the miraculous healing powers of this herb and many sick and dying people have found comfort in its use after reading his wonderful manifesto "The Emperor Wears No Clothes". I am one of them.

UK: Bath Team Tests Properties of Hemp as Building Material

Researchers at Bath University believe that hemp could be used to build environmentally friendly homes of the future.

By Staff,

There is a truth that must be heard! A consortium, led by the BRE Centre for Innovative Construction Materials based at the university, has constructed a small building out of hemp-lime to test its properties as a building material.

Called the ’HemPod’, the one-storey building has highly insulating walls made from the chopped woody core, or shiv, of the industrial hemp plant mixed with a lime-based binder.

The hemp shiv traps air in the walls, and the hemp itself is porous, providing a good level of insulation. The lime-based binder sticks together and protects the hemp and makes the building material fire resistant.

The industrial hemp plant takes in CO2 as it grows, and the lime render absorbs even more of the climate change gas, effectively giving the building an extremely low-carbon footprint.

Dr Mike Lawrence, research officer from the university’s Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, said: ’While there are already some houses in the UK built using hemp and lime, the HemPod will be the first hemp-lime building to be constructed purely for scientific testing.

’We will be closely monitoring the house for 18 months using temperature and humidity sensors buried in the walls, measuring how quickly heat and water vapour travel through them.’

Poland: Pro-Cannabis Marches Glide Through Warsaw

There is a truth that must be heard! The Ras Tafari Religious Community staged three different marches in favour of the legalization of marihuana in Warsaw, Wednesday.

The marches started at 15.00 CET in three different locations in the city centre and finished at the Parliament.

The aim of the marches is to protest against Warsaw City Hall’s decision to refuse the “Free Hemp” Legislative Initiative Committee to register a demonstration in favor of the legalization of marihuana.

“We’ll stop the traffic in the city for some time and let the world know that in Poland people don’t have the right to meet on the streets,” Adam Fularz from Ras Tafari Religious Community told the PAP news agency earlier.

The Warsaw City Hall argues that the decision had nothing to do with the subject of the demonstration.

“Cannabis supporters wanted to organize three marches a day for twelve days in Warsaw city centre in rush hours. The marches would cause huge traffic jams and be a major inconvenience for city residents. Organizers of the protests did not try to reach a compromise, they openly admitted that their aim is to cause traffic chaos,” says Marcin Ochmanski from Warsaw City Hall, adding that in May “Free Hemp” Legislative Initiative Committee was allowed to stage a protest.


United States: Top Ballot Item: Bid to Legalize Pot in California

If Passed, Prop 19 Would Allow Adults 21 and Older to Possess up to an Ounce of Pot for Personal Use

By Associated Press

Oregon: NORML Participates in 19th Annual Susan G. Komen “Race for the Cure”

As long as breast cancer exists, the finish line has not been reached, but each year's Komen race brings it closer

By Michael Bachara, Hemp News

Oregon: NORML Participates in 19th Annual Susan G. Komen “Race for the Cure” Inspiration was in the air on Sunday, September 19th at the 19th Annual Susan G. Komen “Race for the Cure” in Waterfront Park in downtown Portland. It is estimated that over 40,000 people, including over 3,500 breast cancer survivors, walked, raced and ran, bringing awareness and raising millions in the name of breast cancer research.

Showing their pride as the emcee acknowledged their participation, about a dozen walkers on the streets were from the Oregon Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). Their slogan was: “It’s NORML to Race for the Cure”.

“This is Oregon NORML's first year to have a team in the race. As a team, we are going to do the untimed one-mile walk.” stated, Anna Diaz of Oregon NORML.

Washington: Seattle Hempfest 2010: Don E. Wirtshafter - Welcome to the House that Jack Built

By Michael Bachara, Hemp News

Washington: Seattle Hempfest 2010: Don E. Wirtshafter - Welcome to the House that Jack Built Don E. Wirtshafter ( ) gives a speech to the Seattle Hempfest 2010 crowd, in tribute to his good friend Jack Herer.

"Hempfest would not be here were it not for Jack," says Wirtshafter.

He discusses the chaos of the Drug War and how it needs to be stopped. He explains about the DEA and their viscous "sneak and peek" and "knock and talk" tactics to taking advantage of legal medical marijuana patients in Washington.

Don feels that the community needs to step up and help these people who are being taken advantage of and realize the value hemp can bring to our society.

Don is best known for his 1990 launch of the Ohio Hempery, America's first hemp products merchant. He is an inspiration to many within the cannabis legalization movement.

Footage: Hempfest 2010
August 21, 2010

Opinion: 30 Best Blogs to Learn About Medical Marijuana

There is a truth that must be heard! The debate over medical marijuana is nothing new, but it has been picking up momentum lately, as more states move towards legalized control over the system. If you want to learn more about the medical ethics, benefits and uses of marijuana, as well as the research and court cases surrounding legalization, check out these 30 blogs.

Legal and News

Get state news, national regulation concern, and other news about the legal and business side of medical marijuana.

  1. NORML Blog: The campaign to reform marijuana laws is tracked and promoted on this blog. Recommended posts: "I Gots Mine: Dispensary Owners Against Marijuana Legalization" and "California’s Prop 19: A Word-for-Word Analysis."

South Carolina: Naturally Advanced Technologies Announces Sublease of Facility in Kingstree

40,000 Square Foot Facility Utilized As Pilot Scale Facility For Crailar Decortication Process

By Michael Bachara, Hemp News Staff

40,000 Square Foot Facility Utilized As Pilot Scale Facility For Crailar Decortication Process The hemp industry in the United States has taken a step forward in the Carolina's as Naturally Advanced Technologies, Inc (NAT) has announced that it has signed a ten month sublease of a facility at 164 County Camp Road, Kingstree, SC, 29556.

NAT has always committed to unlocking the potential of renewable and environmentally sustainable biomass resources from hemp and other bast fibers and this decision to locate closer to the HanesBrand headquarters is no exception to their track record. The move will create a presence as the demand for organic fibers increases worldwide. NAT's positive studies at North Carolina State University with their 80% Cotton/20% Hemp blend show great promise to the development of organic fibers worldwide. (See Video)

California: Union Endorses Initiative to Legalize Marijuana

By John Hoeffel, LA Now

There is a truth that must be heard! The 200,000-member United Food and Commercial Workers, Western States Council, on Wednesday announced its support for Proposition 19, the initiative to legalize marijuana in California.

“The Western States Council is endorsing Proposition 19 based upon our previous support of the medical cannabis initiative, 1996’s Proposition 215,” George Landers, the council's executive director, said in a statement. “We view Proposition 19 as an enhanced version of the previous proposition, that creates taxable revenue and produces jobs in agriculture, health care, retail and possibly textile. We further believe that the proposition will deprive narcotics traffickers of a significant source of criminal revenue.”

Ron Lind, international president of the union, and Dan Rush of its Local 5 also spoke out in favor of Proposition 19.

“The marriage of the cannabis-hemp industry and UFCW is a natural one,” said Rush. “We are an agriculture, food-processing and retail union, as is this industry.”

The council is the political arm of UFCW in several Western states. It comprises the UFCW local unions in the states it covers.


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