New York: True Hemp Dog Chews A Hit In Manhattan


The only hemp-based pet product at the Cannabis World Congress
generates a New York-style buzz

From capturing the headline in the New York Daily News to selling out when they weren’t even for sale, True Leaf International’s True Hemp dog chews were the talk of the town – or at least of the 3rd annual Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo at New York’s Javits Center June 16-17.

When True Leaf CEO Darcy Bomford and Marketing VP Alison Ruks turned up at the True Leaf booth, a crowd had already gathered, and to their surprise, people wanted to buy the functional chews – even though they weren’t for sale.

“We had to rush-ship the product in overnight to keep up with the demand,” said Alison. “The response overwhelmed all our expectations.”

While they were busy filling orders from their impromptu storefront, the True Leaf team made time for interviews with Sports Illustrated and The New York Daily News, which led its story on the expo with “Hemp-infused dog biscuits peddled at New York cannabis expo.”

“Dogs are finally getting a real treat,” the story began, featuring an interview with Alison on the benefits of the True Hemp treats for dogs.

When they weren’t talking about True Hemp with the media or selling the display to Congress attendees, the True Leaf team even picked up a new retailer in Hell’s Kitchen.

Germany: True Leaf Brings 'True Hemp' Pet Treats To Europe


True Leaf collaborates with Pet Horizons to unveil product for European distribution at Interzoo®, world’s leading pet supply show

With successful US and Canada launches under its belt, True Leaf International Ltd. on Tuesday announced it will soon offer its True Hemp pet treats for sale in Europe, unveiling the product – ready for sale – at the upcoming Interzoo pet supply exhibition May 26 - May 29, in Nuremberg, Germany.

Interzoo®, the world’s largest bi-annual exhibition of supplies for pets, including dogs, cats, horses and birds is renowned for showcasing innovation in the industry. In 2014, more than 37,000 visitors caught up with the latest in pet care at over 1,700 exhibitors from more than 60 countries.

True Leaf’s product line, already available in North America, appears to be well positioned for the European market.

“Europeans have always had an appreciation for high-quality natural products,” said Darcy Bomford, True Leaf CEO. “In addition, hemp has been grown in some regions of Europe for generations and we’re excited to use European hemp as a key component of our product lines.”

The company announced it has "already seen interest in the product line leading up to the show and expects significant demand as it rolls out across the European Union."

U.S.: Marijuana-Derived CBD Products Introduced For Dogs, Cats, Horses


Denver, Colorado-based Mary's Pets on Thursday announced the availability of pet-care products made from American cannabidiol (CBD).

"More and more humans are benefitting from cannabinoid medicine. Shouldn't our furry companions also have access to natural relief?" said Nicole Smith, CEO, Mary's Pets, manufacturer of pet-care CBD supplements made from Colorado-grown hemp.

Smith is also CEO and owner of Mary's Nutritionals, a CBD supplement company using the same hemp-based cannabinoids for people, and Mary's Medicinals, a cannabis company best known for its transdermal patch.

"We've combined our award-winning research and development capabilities and experiences designing medical cannabis products for humans with the latest veterinary science to offer the first transdermal CBD product for our feline, canine and equine friends," Smith said.

The premier offering in the Mary's Pets line is Mary's CBD Gel, a clinically formulated, precisely dosed, transdermal lotion designed to relieve symptoms in mammals of all types.

"Everyone gets sick and feels pain, our pets included," said Noel Palmer, Ph.D., chief scientist, Mary's Pets. "For most animals, CBD can be effectively used as an anti-inflammatory agent, pain-relieving compound and anti-epileptic — just as with humans."

Mary's Pets Gel is enriched with hemp-derived CBD organically grown by Elite Botanicals in northern Colorado. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that is reported to have anti-convulsive, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, anti-nausea, anti-rheumatoid arthritic and sedative properties.

U.S.: Cannabis Science Acquires Pet Care Company; Enters $60 Billion Pet Care Industry


Cannabis Science, Inc., a U.S. company specializing in the development of marijuana-based medicine and related consulting, has announced the acquisition of Equi-Pharm LLC, an American manufacturer and distributor of specialty horse and pet grooming and topical applications.

"We are excited about the future of Equi-Pharm under the medical direction and leadership of Cannabis Science, we already have a great response from our customers on the limited sales from our five horse related grooming and health products for the Equestrian market," said Dana Kennamer, vice president of Equi-Pharm, LLC. "We are currently developing the first three new cannabinoid-enriched pet products right now and will be available to the pet market within a matter of weeks through our current distribution channels.

"Right now we have a limited market share across the USA utilizing distributors and retail outlets in California, Kentucky, Ohio, Louisiana, Tennessee, and we just started European expansions," Kennamer said. "We expect that the enrichment of our current products and the development of our new formulas using Cannabis Science medical expertise we envision substantial growth year by year.

"Our goal of course, is to push Equi-Pharm and Cannabis Science to the front of the pack in the pet care industry," Kennamer said.

California: LA Weekly Claims Marijuana Can Kill Your Dog (It's Not True)


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

You can count on some clueless mainstream reporter, on a regular basis, claiming that marijuana can "hurt your pets" or is "bad for Fido" (it's not true; cannabis is non-toxic to all mammals). But when a reporter covering the weed beat for an alternative weekly -- i.e., a guy who should know way better -- claims that pot can kill your pooch, it's time for a public correction.

That's just what fact-challenged reporter Dennis Romero does on the LA Weekly's website today. Romero, who has (badly, often inaccurately, and with an obnoxiously condescending, anti-pot tone) for years covered the marijuana beat for the Weekly, actually touts the spectre of Rover OD'ing on marijuana in his latest ridiculously embarrassing bit of non-reportage.

Romero hangs his execrable piece on the peg of a year-old study from the Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care that supposedly found a "fourfold increase" in the number of dogs that "had to be treated" for "cannabis exposure" from 2005 to 2010.

But, you see, there are problems with Romero's assumptions, here. Chiefly among them is the assertion that any dog "had to be treated" for "cannabis exposure," since, simply put, marijuana doesn't hurt dogs.

U.S.: More People Giving Their Pets Marijuana For Medical Reasons


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

More and more people are using medical marijuana to treat their pets for all sorts of medical conditions, from separation anxiety and noise phobia to cancer, reports the Journal of the American Veterinary Association (JAVMA News). As more states are legalizing cannabis for humans, veterinarians and pet owners are calling for more studies into the use and safety of the drug in pets, reports Fox News.

From time to time, alarmist articles appear in the mainstream media which describe cannabis as supposedly "poisonous" to dogs or cats; this is patent nonsense, and any veterinarian who says so doesn't know what he or she is talking about. Cannabis is fundamentally non-toxic to all mammals. Rover and Fluffy have endocannabinoid systems just as humans do, and can similarly benefit from phytocannabinoid (plant-produced cannabinoid) supplementation.

After using medical marijuana to treat his own back pain, Ernest Misko, 77, of Chatsworth, California, decided to treat his pet cat, Borzo, who was having trouble walking. Misko gave the cat some glycerin cannabis tincture made specifically for pets, and within a few days, the cat appeared to be pain-free. (Similar tinctures can be found in medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles and elsewhere.)

"I don't get high from (marijuana), but the pain goes away," Misko told the JAVMA News. "So I tried it on my cat, my 24-year-old cat, who's feeling better."

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