U.K.: Actor Richard Grant Launches Brand of Marijuana-Scented Perfume


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

You don't have to grow or smoke cannabis anymore to smell like it. Actor Richard Grant says he's created a perfume with the fragrance of marijuana.

Set to launch in April at the luxury department store Liberty in London, the new perfume will come in red packaging inspired by the Union Jack, reports the NY Daily News It will contain lime, clove oil, and mandarin over base notes of white musk, tobacco and pepper oil -- along with the infused scent of marijuana, according to Grant.

"I always have 100 things to do," Grant said. "I've been working on [the perfume] for two years, being taught at the knee of 'a nose' in Paris," he told Shortlist.

Marijuana-scented perfumes have been marketed before. Back in 2006, the Cannabis Santal fragrance by Caroline Sabas was released by Fresh. Kush perfume was launched in 2011 by Alan Hochberg.

Independent perfumer Sanae Barber created Innocence By Misty earlier this year; it contained a small amount of medical marijuana, as well.

So far, there are no estimates on how much the new fragrance will cost, what it will be called, or where else it will be available for sale.

(Photo of Richard Grant: Daniel Deme/

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