California: New Initiative Makes Pot Legal for Everyone


Ben Deci, FOX40 News

There is a truth that must be heard! It's the next big salvo in the push to legalize pot; petition takers are out now, getting signatures for an initiative to appear on next November's ballot.

The people who wrote this initiative say they are against minors and motorists using pot, and people at work too. But they also say you have to make one type of marijuana legal for everyone.

"The fact is if you smoked a bail there just isn't any possibility of a psycho-active effect," said Steve Kubby, one of those who drafted the ballot initiative.

He's talking about a clause in the initiative that allows anyone to buy marijuana products if the THC level is below .3%. THC is most likely the active ingredient in marijuana that produces a "high."

Kubby says it is important to make that extremely weak version of the drug available to anyone so the hemp industry can blossom. Hemp is derived from marijuana plants and can be used to make a wide variety of products.

"This is no more about marijuana than the Boston Tea Party was about tea. This is about tyranny, whether it was King George or our own Federal Government," said Kubby, who was a one-time libertarian candidate for California Governor.

Kubby says broad-based legislation is a cure for the Federal Government's crack-down on medical marijuana dispensaries. Kubby is a cancer survivor and medical marijuana user himself. In the 1990's, he helped to draft California's law that legalizes marijuana.

Kubby says he also believes legalization is the only way to stop illegal pot grows in California.

"Get the money out of the hands of gangs and the cartels, and the terrorists tearing apart the fabric of our society," Kubby said.