Missouri: Drug Cop Says Marijuana Legalization Advocates Are Stupid


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

A Missouri Drug Task Force cop who debated marijuana legalization advocates from the group Show-Me Cannabis at a town hall meeting apparently got butt-hurt during the debate because some people disagreed with his point of view.

When he got safely home at his computer and away from "those people," he posted a rant on Facebook in which he "basically call[ed] the legalization advocates a bunch of stupid potheads," reports Ray Downs at the St. Louis Riverfront Times.

Seemingly upset that these folks dared to hold an opinion different than his when it comes to cannabis, the petulant policeman, Sgt. Kevin Glaser of the SEMO Drug Task Force -- who evidently is having some real difficulty adjusting to the realities of modern America -- got home and really gave those weed-suckers a piece of his mind.

"It was held at the Cape Girardeau Library," Sgt. Glaser posted. "This was a good location because it afforded many in the group an opportunity to actually visit a library, probably for the first time in their life." But wait, he really got going, after that.

"My views and opinions were not well received and they appeared to have very closed minds towards what i had to say," Sgt. Glaser posted (you'll have to imagine him sniffling to himself indignantly as he furiously typed). "Many impressed me as having no minds at all. Or at least very slow functioning minds."

The upstanding Sergeant seemed happy to share his perceptions of those who favor marijuana legalization, to wit: "A quick scan of the room should by itself be ample evidence for not legalizing marijuana," he posted. "It scared the hell out of me that these people actually go to the polls and vote."

There you have it, marijuana community. If you disagree with the good Sergeant, you really have no business even voting; that's too "scary" for his simpering sensibilities.

"Tomorrow I go back to fighting crime and serving the public and they go back to drawing their welfare check and trying to figure out how to legally grow marijuana, I mean hemp, so they can turn this economy around, cure cancer, treat glaucoma, and destroy the Mexican Drug Cartels," the Sergeant posted. "What a great country!"

"Who knew drug cops could be so snarky?" RFT wrote. "Daily RFT is looking into if Glaser snapped twice and flicked his hair back after he posted this on Facebook."

"Such comments are thoroughly unprofessional and unbecoming of a government employee, and I believe you owe the people who attended the meeting and Missouri taxpayers generally an apology," wrote John Payne, executive director of Show-Me Cannabis, in a statement to the dim-witted sergeant.

"Moreover, I worry what the sentiment expressed in your post says about your motivations for enforcing the laws prohibiting cannabis," Payne wrote. "You seem to be motivated primarily by sheer personal animus against a group of people whom you obviously find distasteful."

Payne challenged Sgt. Glaser to a debate on December 12 in Poplar Bluff. "I fully believe that the more people know about this issue, the more they will be convinced that a system of legalization and regulation is a superior policy for dealing with cannabis than prohibition," Payne wrote. "I presume that you believe the inverse. If that's the case, then let us both put our convictions to the test in an open public debate."

Sgt. Glaser hasn't responded to the invitation yet.

(Photo of Sgt. Kevin Glaser: Jill Block, Sikeston Standard Democrat)