U.S.: It's Turkey and Marijuana for the Holidays on Cannabis Planet TV


Next to ObamaCare, cannabis is the hottest, most discussed subject in the media. Twenty states and D.C. have medical marijuana, 14 states have decriminalized marijuana, two states have legalized it for everyone and several more states are poised to pass legalization laws.

Americans still have questions, and beginning on November 23, Cannabis Planet TV has announced it will be taking to the airwaves in a dozen cites with the information on all things cannabis.

Originally seen only in California, Brad Lane’s Cannabis Planet will be aired weekly beginning November 23. TV stations in Massachusetts, Louisiana, Florida, Texas and California will air a new show every week. More stations are being added daily. Cannabis Planet is entertainment with an emphasis on medical research, cannabis cooking, cultivation, cannabis celebrities and legalization advances in American and around the globe.

The first show features longtime federal marijuana recipients, stockbroker Irvin Rosenfeld, who gets free government pot to treat his tumors, and glaucoma patient Elvy Musikka. Interviewees also include Dr. Julie Holland, author of The Pot Book, and Mara Gordon, international medical cannabis expert. There will be holiday cannabis cooking tips from Chef Mike Delao, hemp tips and music by the Trevor Green Band.

The new syndication effort is a collaborative effort between Cannabis Planet Executive Producers Bill Scher and Brad Lane who enlisted the help of former infomercial maker Robert Platshorn, the man behind The Silver Tour that teaches seniors the benefits of medical marijuana.

For years TV stations refused to air Lane’s show claiming that the subject was too controversial. But in the last few years things have been changing. “Robert’s Silver Tour TV show, ‘Should Grandma Smoke Pot?’ has been breaking down the TV barriers” Lane explained. “We were elated to have him become our media buyer.”

Cannabis Planet’s home station in Los Angeles is KJLA, serving 5.7 million viewers. “We were the first station to list Cannabis Planet in the TV Guide and to carry the programming," said KJLA General Manager Francis Wilkinson. "We feel the show is the 20/20 of the 420 world and the plant seems to be in favor in with the public the recent Gallup polls.”

Gunter Marksteiner, owner of WHDT-TV in Miami, is also eager to air the cannabis-based program and will broadcast it in the 7 p.m. time slot on his stations. “It’s time that the mainstream received accurate information about this versatile plant and Cannabis Planet does a great job of getting this message across in a professional manner," claimed Marksteiner.

Platshorn a 1970s pot smuggler was featured in the hit movie, Square Grouper. The trio plan to put Cannabis Planet TV on stations across America. The current station line-up can be found at http://cannabisplanet.tv/.