United States: Plans Shaping Up for 2009 ‘Tour for Compassion’ Cross Country Bicycle Tour

By Ms Sylence Dogood, Hemp News Staff

There is a truth that must be heard! Get your bicycles ready and pack a few spare tubes and tires, because the 2009 Tour for Compassion is about to begin, and it’s gone international. Beginning May 15th, 2009 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, the group plans to ride across the United States by bicycle to raise awareness about Medical Cannabis Patient Rights and Freedoms.

Group organizer Ken Locke hopes the ride will educate people to the benefits of the Cannabis plant. Locke, a Medical Cannabis patient himself, has shared his personal story of dealing with a life-altering injury and how Cannabis has helped him live a functional and healthy life, free from prescription medications. He states in his story, “My personal experience has convinced me that the Cannabis plant must be for the use of all mankind. To this end, I ride across the United States of America. I hope that my bike ride will bring about awareness of the beneficial and healthy effects of medical marijuana.”

It is Locke’s belief (shared with a growing number of Cannabis supporters around the globe) that the past 70 years have been filled with false education and misinformation about the Cannabis plant. It is his goal to show the United States that there is a place for Cannabis in our society, but believes a re-education must take place. He hopes that the 2009 Tour for Compassion will have even more impact than the last ride.

“In 2006 we saw so many great people come out and support us. From young to old, smokers and non-smokers, lawyers, store owners, police officers, doctors, moms, dads, grandparents…they all signed our truck.” It seems the tide may be turning for Cannabis after all.

According to Locke, there was much accomplished in 2006, and the group gathered the testimonies of many people who use Medical Cannabis for their ailments. It is his hope that this information can be shared, so that the world will be aware of what medical patients are going though on a daily basis. He hopes to show that Medical Cannabis really can help to relieve much of people’s pain and suffering, without harsh side effects.

The route of the 2009 Tour for Compassion can be found by following the link below, and Locke hopes people come out to support his cause in every state visited. The starting point of the tour will be Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and will continue on through:

Olympia, Washington
Salem, Oregon
Sacramento, California
Carson City, Nevada
Salt Lake City, Utah
Denver, Colorado
Lincoln, Nebraska
Des Moines, Iowa
Jefferson City, Missouri
Springfield, Illinois
Indianapolis, Indiana
Columbus, Ohio
Charleston, West Virginia
Washington DC
Richmond, Virginia

The tour will conclude in Raleigh, North Carolina with Wilmington Beach as the finishing point of the tour.

The only way that Cannabis laws will change is by a push from the people. If you want freedom and integrity for Medical Cannabis patients, show support for Ken Locke and his ‘Tour for Compassion’ Cross Country Bicycle Tour. If people join together, anything is possible.

For more information about the tour route (the most recent tour info is toward the bottom of the page), visit:


For Ken Locke’s personal story: