U.S.: Media Effort To End Marijuana Prohibition Kicks Off With TV, Internet, Radio PSA Campaign


Public Service Ads By Award-Winning Creative Audio/Music House Designed to Educate the Public and Reform Harsh Sentencing Laws

After witnessing first hand the effects of the nation’s draconian marijuana laws, Howard Bowler, president of the award-winning audio post/music production company HOBO, is responding the only way he knows how -- through the power of sound. The company is launching a TV, radio and Internet public service campaign targeting states where measures to legalize marijuana are on the ballot.

HOBO’s creative team wrote and produced the ads that are available for free to any broadcast outlet and organization interested in this issue. All of the spots can be customized for local markets. Several regional radio spots have already been produced with input from the organization Regulate Rhode Island.

Click here to check out one of the radio spots entitled: "Master-Peace Theater.”

“The more I learned about the origin of prohibition, the more I realized these laws have a complex political history, are not based on science or health and yet their social impact is huge,” Bowler said. “Last year alone 700,000 people were arrested on marijuana related charges. That’s more than for all violent crimes combined.

"After reviewing the current efforts of organizations like MPP (Marijuana Policy Project), NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibitikon)_, and DPA (Drug Policy Alliance), I could see that having professional creative marketing support could be helpful in their mission,” Bowler said.

The company’s initial TV/Internet spot is entitled "End Prohibition Now.”

Live Streaming Event

In addition, Bowler is organizing a live streaming musical performance featuring invited members of the New York creative arts community, including many in the advertising, television, film and branded content creation industry. The event, slated for fall, will be streamed live through HOBO’s website and social media channels.

“By exposing the hypocrisy of marijuana laws and the negative impact enforcement has had on people’s lives, particularly in the minority community, we hope to influence opinion in a positive way,” Bowler said. "Changing these laws, legalizing the drug and regulating it is a much more responsible policy than arresting and locking people up for a personal choice that is statistically far less harmful than cigarettes.

"To quote Plato: ‘We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light,’” Bowler said.

End Prohibition Now / Marijuana TV PSA #1 from HOBO on Vimeo.

Production Company: HOBO
Creative Director: Howard Bowler
Writer: Johnny Marbles
Audio Mix By: Diego Jimenez
VO: Rodger Parsons
Music Composed by: Julian Angel Haitrus and LPZ
Editor & Animator: Matthew Hartman - haveahartman.com