Washington: Steep Hill Labs Releases Open Letter To Cannabis Community


By Steve Elliott
Hemp News

Steep Hill Labs on Wednesday released an open letter to the Washington State cannabis community encouraging a call to action to prevent contaminated cannabis from entering the patient and consumer supply chain.

"In a recent third party audit of certified I-502 laboratories in Washington State, cannabis contaminated with pesticides and microbiological organisms like E. coli are being passed by certain disreputable labs, which means unsafe products are getting onto shelves," said Steep Hill CEO Jmîchaele Keller. "This is unacceptable when technology and the proper science are in place to insure safety to prevent health risk to consumers and patients."

Recent independent third party testing, including that done upon the initiative of Ian Eisenberg of Uncle Ike's Pot Shop in Seattle, showed many samples of I-502 recreational weed had traces of pesticides, causing concern in the community, especially among medicinal users with compromised immune systems and liver function.

Keller said Steep Hill stands with other leading labs in the industry, like Trace Analytics, who apply scientific best practices to put public health first.

"Together we are here to uphold standards of quality in this industry for consumer protection, and we cannot succeed if other laboratories cheat the system," said Keller.

"We will continue to work with State regulators to clamp down on labs who focus more on profits than safety, and we ask you to raise your voice with us as we demand enforcement of uniform testing standards for consumer protection," Keller emphasized.

For more information on this call to action, the open letter will run in key Washington State markets or can be found at http://landing.steephill.com/washington-safety.


Founded in California in 2008, Steep Hill Labs, Inc. is a science and technology firm in cannabis testing and analytics. With labs in five states now, more to launch in 2016, and a joint venture with the University of Technology in Jamaica, Steep Hill says it is the largest cannabis lab network in the world.