Colorado: Loopr Launches Mobile Cannabis Lounge and Mobile App


Colorado’s 'first upscale cannabis-friendly transportation service' combines Uber-like app with luxury 44-seat buses running routes around a curated selection of Denver dispensaries, bars, restaurants, and nightlife destinations

Visiting Denver's many dispensaries, restaurants, bars, clubs, sporting venues and other destinations while enjoying cannabis becomes a premium, but accessible, legal experience with the introduction of Loopr transportation service and application.

The Loopr buses are 45’ Freightliner luxury coaches that include comfortable seating for 44, a glassware and dab bar, granite countertops on the four booths, more than a dozen video monitors for entertainment and route information, free WiFi, a lavatory and refrigerator, laser light show(!) and more.

The robust transportation app allows users to geo-target the Loopr bus location on its circuit around the city and receive accurate pickup and dropoff times. Whenever Loopr customers are ready to move around the city, or if they just want to spend time in the mobile lounge, they can purchase a day pass or subscription to always enjoy their favorite cannabis products with onboard service.

In addition, Loopr is collaborating with dispensaries, restaurants, bars and clubs across the city for exclusive partnerships including deals on everything from nachos to negronis to Northern Lights. Loopr offers a variety of passes ranging from 24 hours to one-month subscriptions, with each option giving riders unlimited boarding for the duration of the selected time. Riders may choose to depart the bus at the stop of their choosing, or stay on throughout the loop and enjoy the lounge hospitality.

"People have been waiting for an option like this, one that not only respects but champions their embrace of cannabis," said founder and CEO Bryan Spatz. "Loopr boldly celebrates cannabis, helping to place it where it belongs — fully integrated into the cultural and entertainment heart of a vibrant, cannabis-friendly city."