Oregon: Moving Forward | Cannabis Tax Act & Cannabis Tolerance Act

"It took courageous people to stand up and question the prohibition against alcohol." Rick Steves, Marijuana Conversation

By D. Paul Stanford & Michael Bachara, Hemp News Staff

Note: Did you know that in 2007, 873,000 people were arrested for marijuana offenses in the U.S., and 90% of them were just for possession? Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp (CRRH) and Oregon NORML have finished gathering the 1000 sponsorship signatures needed for the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2010 (OCTA) & Oregon Cannabis Tolerance Act 2010 (OCTA Light) petitions. These were turned in to the Oregon Secretary of State's office on September 21, 2009. We are currently waiting for official ballot titles from the state and should have them in the next few weeks. After polling, we will begin circulating one of the petitions across Oregon. We will need 100,000 valid signatures by July, 2, 2010 to qualify for the November 2010 election.

Activists had previously filed OCTA in 2008, but withdrew it when polling showed antipathy about the previous version placing cannabis sales in existing state liquor stores. Activists went back to the drawing board and came up with two versions.

One version, which was pushed by activists in the Oregon state legislature, edited industrial hemp provisions out to support the industrial hemp- only legislation that passed through the Oregon legislature this year. This version is called the Oregon Cannabis Tolerance Act.

The other version, the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act, would set aside two percent of the profits from the sale of cannabis in cannabis-only stores for two state commissions that promote industrial hemp biodiesel, fiber, protein and oil.

Both would legalize the sale, possession and personal private cultivation of marijuana. People who want to cultivate and sell marijuana, or process commercial psychoactive cannabis, would be required to obtain a license from the state. Adults could grow their own marijuana and the sale of all cannabis strains' seeds and starter plants would be legalized with no license, fee nor registration. The profits from the sale of cannabis to adults would go to pay for state programs and drug treatment.

Oregonians can take the first steps for the rest of our country toward an energy source based on sustainability, life and growth, as well as naturally based food, medicine, sacrament, and recreation. Industrial Hemp will save many farms and cannabis will be regulated and sold through adult-only stores, with the proceeds generating millions of dollars toward public finances, and thus ending the unjust war on cannabis.

In order to be successful, this mission will require key assistance from volunteers across Oregon. Please tell ten friends about our website & get involved!

Note: Did you know that in 2007, 873,000 people were arrested for marijuana offenses in the U.S., and 90% of them were just for possession?

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Oregon Cannabis Tax Act Full Text (PDF) http://www.crrh.org/downloads/octa2010.pdf

Oregon Cannabis Tolerance Act Full Text (PDF) http://www.ornorml.org/octa/Oregon%20Cannabis%20Tolerance%20Act.pdf

Source: http://www.cannabistaxact.org